Sleep in / Waking Night


If you are the type that requires companion or help so that you can rest well at night, this is a perfect, simple solution for you.

Our Care Assistant can sleep at your home and be by your side when you need them.  This could be simply the comfort that comes from knowing that someone familiar is in the house with you and also that they are on hand for things such as trips to the toilet.  Your Care Assistant will not disturb you unless you want them.

KAF carers are trained to support you with just what you need.




Waking Nights

KAF Care staffs are well trained to monitor any changes in circumstances during the night or to just help you stay comfortable while you sleep.  This service works well for people with more complex needs and may be associated with Dementia or End of Life care or following a serious accident or operation where constant nightly monitoring is needed.

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