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Private Home Care

Private duty home care is a service provided to elderly individuals who are in need of assistance with day-to-day activities. A private duty home caregiver visits your home or the home of your loved one and helps with activities such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and personal grooming and hygiene. A private duty home caregiver can also provide companionship for the elderly, as well as respite care to relieve family members who care for their loved ones on a regular basis. Private duty home caregivers make it possible for elderly individuals to stay home safely and enjoy the comfort and familiarity of a space with years of memories. Private duty home care also makes it possible to transport the elderly to places they wish to go or visit, and in some cases home care workers provide physical therapy services.

KAF is master at providing this Service. We have very good Carers well trained to meet whatever need our Customers need.

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